Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Golden Sunday's at the ballpark

2005 Topps
Gold Border Parallel
215 Aaron Harang
0066 / 2005

Found: Sportslots

Cheese Out the Fridge: .38 ounces

Nice card we got here. Aaron ready to lob a two seemer for warmup. The alternate Sunday hat. The neatly coiffed never ending sideburn.
The glove FROM THE YEAR 2000!
The card back gives us a glimpse of what make Cardinals wet their pants with that fastball comin atcha!
These gold bordered cards from Topps have changed over the years. The farther we get from 2001's original gold border cards the darker they get. Why?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Another Color of the Rainbow

No. 49 Aaron Harang
Beige Autograph Card
06 /25

Found: eCrackBay

Cheese Out the Fridge: 5.50 Lbs

This is just the second of the 31 parallels I know of that I am gunning for. A sticker autograph on the card is not really bad. Not the best design for signing.
Seriously. This card has 31 parallels. That is excessive even by Donruss standards. Luckily there are no 1/1's in the set and I have pilfered the under / 10 so it should be smooth sailing to the end.
Just like Harang punching the round trip ticket for a dugout walk for any Diamondback he faces this season. Just the way it should be.

Monday, February 16, 2009

In retaliation

To a thought some schlub blogger had to say about my beloved shiny cards:

2008 Topps Co-Signers

No. 9 Aaron Harang w/ Homer Bailey
Hyper Silver Blue
30 / 50
Found: on the bay

Cheese out the fridge: one lb.

This card is what new fangled stuff of the future is all about. I am sure it will be looked on in 15 years like we look back on Star Trek show computers today and think what the heck is up with that?


You can have 200 on card autos but the autos on refractor cards look the best. This card has a prismatic sheen that goes where your eyes go. Not just shiny. Plus it has Homer Bailey. I hope this is the year he gets to the Bigs and sticks there. He can be a solid 2 guy if he keeps his confidence.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Mini Card for Big K's

2008 Topps Allen & Ginter
Black Border Mini
215 Aaron Harang

Found: In an Envelope

Cheese Out the Fridge: Nada

Look at the stare that make Mets quiver. The intensity of those eyes baring down on the batter. Gripping the horsehide for a two seem screamer. Mr. Redlegs laughing at Jose Reyes 'cause he knows Jose can only pop out to third at best in this matchup.
I never bought any Allen & Ginter. But have received a few in the mail from trades and really like the set. Nice classic artwork that looks like quality pastels to me.
The back is what does it for me. I like to read and the stats presentation is great so I don't mix numbers up.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sign This Please

2007 Goudey
Goudey 'Graphs
GG-AH Aaron Harang

Found: On the bay

Cheese Out the Fridge: .99 ounces

Punisher of bunters.
Tamer of out of control homer run hitters.
The letter K's BFF.
Master of stinky chedduh.
Slider of the horsehide.
Senior of the flowing signature.

I like this card for the simple design and the on card autograph. Looks nice and fits the card well. Plus you can read it.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

How Bout a little YALL?

You are looking live:

2008 SPx
Winning Matterials
WM-AH Dual Jersey Team
02 / 25

Found on: ebay

Cheese out the fridge: 2.00 lbs.

That's right! Two swatches of red undershirt for me to sniff the light fantastic!

Nice shiny silver design.
The photo of Aaron throwing with a faded photo in the background on front and back.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Here goes my Heroes

As the first ever Aaron Harang card on Hangin with Harang I bust out this bad boy like Aaron Harang slinging some stinky chedduh past those non beloved Cubbies.

From the 2008 Upper Deck Heroes set we have:

No. 49 Aaron Harang
Teal Patch Card

Found: On the bay

Cheese Out the Fridge: 5.56 ounces

Aaron has the power in the legs to trow that hide by any Cub batter. That is why he led the N.L. in Wins and Strikeouts in 2006. So many Chicago players. So few innings.
Nice patch on the card. Two color with a seam and some uni thrown in for extra Reds Mojo. There are plenty of parallels on this card and they are gonna be comin atcha like a monkey on meth.